CRO converted our screen room to a sunroom. The screen room beams and various other framing had developed wood-rot over the years, primarily because there was no gutter, so rain water ran directly down the wood framing & screening. We initially intended to merely replace the rotted wood & install a gutter, but because we enjoyed the view from that room, we decided to convert it to a sunroom with impact-resistant windows & airconditioning so we could comfortably spend more time there. CRO replaced all of the rotted beams & framing with new wood, then installed a vaporbarrier, fiber glass insulation, electrical switches & outlets, outside light for the yard, full-view fiber glass impact resistant door with screen door & entry lamp & a 6’x3′ pressure treated wood landing & steps outside the entry door from the yard. The room, approximately 400 sq. ft., was then completely enclosed, wall-to-wall, with double pane, heat reflective, hurricane laminated impact glass windows (9 windows, approximately 4’x6′ ea.). The entire project was then painted, inside & out, with colors complimenting those in our home. What 2 months ago was an ugly embarrassment is now a beautiful addition to our home. ”